The last fifty years have witnessed a tremendous and continuing development in the areas of electronic and electrical engineering, which has had a significant impacts on our life and activities associated with various areas such as economic, social, educational, political and other. Achievements in the field of electronics and electrical engineering represented large portion of the engineering achievements of the twentieth century. It is expected in the twenty first century that electronics and electrical engineering profession to be one of the main drivers of change and advances in technology.

Medical Laboratory Science

Sudan with its diverse environments with people stretched over wide areas with little resources and insufficient medical services is in need for more qualified medical and health personnel to provide services. More than 70% of medical decisions made by physicians are based on laboratory findings. In fact, the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.

The Medical Laboratory Science program of Hayat University College seeks to graduate skilled Medical Laboratory scientists capable to provide quality laboratory service and participate in research and in all community relevant outreach activities in Sudan.


Program Vision:
To achieve a dominating quality in pharmacy education, profession and pharmaceutical services as promoters for pharmaceutical healthcare.

Program Mission:
To provide enduring education and learning occasions for students and graduates through disseminating and applying recent evidence-based knowledge, skills and research in basic, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences to become basically generalist practioners of pharmacy who are also capable to participate in pharmaceutical care at the national, regional andinternational levels.


The dentistry program in Hayatt College represents a new concept with a new philosophy in dentistry education. It embraces local and regional needs and aspires to global standards. It offers a five years program &grants degree of Bachelor of Dentistry. So, although we keep separate phases for the curriculum there is a good deal of integration, both 'horizontally' and 'vertically' so that disciplines within dentistry are learned together in clinical work and the relevance are introduced from the beginning.

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