Information Technology

the Information Technology program at Hayatt University College, we propose an Information Technology program for the following reasons:

Information Technology covers a wide area of interest and business functions and has greater applicability and appeal. The state of the computing profession in Sudan where infra-structure and applications dominate activities provides a wider opportunity for IT graduates. IT is an umbrella for a variety of specializations including, Internet, Programming, Networking, Graphics, Multimedia, e-Commerce: enabling the gradual introduction and evolvement of specialties. IT requires less mathematical rigor making it a viable choice for a wider spectrum of candidates.

Medicine & Surgery

The medicine program in Hayatt University College represents a new concept with a new philosophy in medical education. It embraces local and regional needs and aspires to global standards. It offers a five years program &grants degree of Bachelor of medicine & Surgery (M.B.B.S). So, although we keep separate phases for the curriculum there is a good deal of integration, both 'horizontally' so that disciplines within medicine are learned together and 'vertically' in that clinical work and relevance are introduced from the beginning.

Nursing Sciences

The health-care industry has continued to change dramatically over the past few years, transforming the roles of nurses and escalating the opportunities for those who graduate from nursing Faculties. The current shortage of nurses in Sudan is caused by an increasing number of hospitals and hospitalized patients.

The increasing scope of nursing opportunities will grow immensely as nurses become the frontline providers of health care. They are assuming important roles in the provision of managed care, and they will be responsible for coordinating and continuing the care outside traditional health-care facilities. Nurses will play a major role in educating the public and addressing the social and economic factors that impact quality of care.

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